Work with MaestroMío School

Onspain School is a professional company for people who see opportunities that others don’t.

Do you want to feel part of our community? Here are the 10 reasons why you should work at Onspain School

We are all on first-name terms here, we try to keep the hierarchy reduced as much as possible and we highly value the good understanding between the employees. We base our success on teamwork, exchange of experiences and unconditional support, in a close and kind environment. The trust it is a fundamental value: in your field you work with autonomy, we love your new ideas, you are the expert in what you do. Onspain School is about waking up every morning excited to do the work you do.

In our school we all are a big family, sometimes it seems we are not really working in an office but in a big shared-flat with our friends.

We don’t just only offer linguistic courses for foreign people, ¡We offer the best Spanish Language teaching system to foreigners! We are always looking forward to work to improve Onspain School.

With us, you decide if you start work at 7 or at 10 in the morning. We know that fighting against our individual biological clock does not bring positive results. We believe you need to be fresh and restful to work at your best.

We love the mix of cultures and nationalities which we count with. Our team is international and speaks many different languages (Spanish, English, German, Dutch, Italian …)

We don’t want people who are empty of ideas, but workers full of motivation and who enjoy what they do. That is the reason why at Onspain School everyone knows exactly what they have to do.

We celebrate what is important to celebrate and take advantage of special occasions by going to the beach, on excursions or eating paella together.

We try to do our bit in for the environment. We follow ISO Certification 9001 and ISO 14001.

Even when you are an expert in your own field, it never hurt anyone to better your knowledge even more. We hold many different conferences where different topics are shared from either each other or special guests.

We are talking about working in the most beautiful city of the world. But, don’t take our word for it, discover it all yourself by looking at these pictures

If you share our values and want to join our team, send us your CV to [email protected]