Pathway Course

Interested in studying with a Spanish public university? Spanish universities are some of the highest ranking in Europe and the tuition fees of the public universities in particular are extremely competitive. We offer a Pathway Course for entrance into the Spanish university system. In order to be accepted into Spanish public universities international students will normally need to sit an entrance exam which is colloquially known as the Selectividad. There are 2 types of Selectividad known by their acronyms PCE and EBAU. We can provide access to both.

The course is a 34 week programme consisting of 14 weeks of Spanish language instruction followed by 20 weeks of preparation for the Selectividad. The course is very intensive but has yielded excellent results for our students. The course involves individual assistance in choosing the right subjects for you and then designing an individual course programme to meet your study needs.

The course prices may vary on the specifics of the course which is right for you but will be available upon request.