The Philosophy of MaestroMío

MaestroMío is a place where we make your dreams come true, for us actions speak louder than words.

In MaestroMío you are not going to learn Spanish you are going to live it. Our philosophy is to share your journey of learning, making it a unique experience because you are unique to us. For this reason we employ a team for whom the treatment of our students is our motivating factor, taking into full consideration each person´s needs We make your linguistic immersion complete by not only deepening your use of our language but also by getting you acquainted with our gastronomia and our cultural roots.

To that end you can explore the language by means of continuous practice, we also include a wide variety of activities through which our guides will lead you through a process of discovery by way of stories, anecdotes, customs and places of interest… in a form so enjoyable that it will remain an unforgettable memory.


We are an international team that are motivated, creative and flexible and our mission is to offer to our clients a quality experience that is personalised so that you will feel an integral part of our big family and will enjoy a stay and a learning experience that is professional but at the same time a lot of fun.


We want to be a company that is an international reference point for language courses offered to both groups and individual travellers with creative activities carried out in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

From the point of view of the administration of the school it is important that this philosophy is reflected so as to give the student a completely personalised experience which will help in everything that he or she may need.