¿Where can we eat typical food?

Spain in general is characterized by its great variety of traditional food, and Málaga is a fantastic city to sample it. The richness of its gastronomy, influenced by its coastal location and multicultural history, offers a wide range of flavors from fresh seafood to cured meats and hearty mountain dishes. Málaga, with its sunny climate and vibrant atmosphere, is the ideal place to explore these culinary delights.

As we know you’ll want to try it when you come to learn Spanish, we have prepared a list of restaurants where you can go to taste typical Spanish food. Get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience! One of the most deeply rooted and beloved traditions in Spain is that of having tapas. But what exactly are tapas and why do they hold such a special place in the hearts of Spaniards?

Tapas are small portions of food served alongside a drink, whether it’s wine, beer, or a soft drink. This tradition originated in the Middle Ages when tavern owners covered glasses with a slice of bread or ham to prevent insects or dust from falling into the drinks. Over time, this simple practice evolved into an elaborate and diverse selection of dishes that we now know as tapas.

Tapas are characterized by their variety and creativity. They can be as simple as olives or as elaborate as garlic shrimp or octopus Galician style. What makes them truly special is how they are enjoyed: in company, shared with friends and family in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Tapas encourage conversation and social connection, turning every meal into a celebration.

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Why do Spanish people love tapas?

Having tapas is a quintessential social activity. Instead of sitting down for a full meal, Spaniards enjoy moving from one bar to another, trying different dishes and drinks while chatting and socializing with others.

Furthermore, tapas provide an opportunity to sample a wide variety of flavors and dishes in one outing. From fresh seafood to cured meats and cheeses, each tapa is a small taste of Spain’s rich gastronomy. No matter the time of day, it’s always a good time for tapas. Whether as a snack before lunch, an afternoon treat, or a light dinner, tapas fit any occasion.

Additionally, enjoying tapas is a way to keep an important part of Spanish culture and tradition alive. Each region has its own specialties and styles of tapas, reflecting the culinary diversity of the country.

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Here are some recommended restaurants in Málaga where you can try authentic Spanish tapas:

  • Casa Lola: They have several locations throughout Málaga, including the city center. It’s a typical Spanish tavern where you can enjoy a variety of dishes.
  • El Tintero: It’s a beachfront restaurant located in the El Candado neighborhood near El Palo. It is known for its unique way of ordering dishes—waiters bring them around and you signal whether you want them or not.
  • El Tapeo de Cervantes: This is a magnificent restaurant to try the well-known tapas, with affordable prices.
  • Cortijo de Pepe: It offers a wide variety on its menu, specializing in seafood and fish. It’s highly recommended for trying local gastronomy.

Enjoy your dining experiences in Málaga!


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