Cultural events in Málaga

Málaga is a city that offers various cultural horizons. In fact, within its physical territory, you can spend time in the midst of nature, relax at the many beaches, and even reach the mountains! 

If, however, you are not a nature lover, the city will offer you many cultural activities. 

We have selected the most popular ones for you: 

  • La Noche en Blanco:

The concept of the ‘White Night’ or ‘Night in White’ originated in Paris, but Málaga has also emulated its aim; to offer a considerable number of cultural activities during one night. The annual event must fulfill the premise of offering all this for free, in a sustainable way and accessible to all. This event is very important because it allows the city to establish itself beyond the concept of ‘sun and playa’. 

The main activities on offer are: Art (also audiovisual or scenic), museums with exhibitions, visits to monuments with guides and music. 

  • Noche de San Juan in Málaga: A Magical Night on the Costa del Sol

Noche de San Juan is one of the most anticipated summer events in Málaga. Every year on June 23rd, locals and tourists gather on the city’s beaches to celebrate the arrival of summer. The night is filled with bonfires, music, dancing, and traditional rituals. Lighting the bonfires symbolizes purification and renewal, while many take a dip in the sea to bring good luck for the coming year. It’s an unforgettable night full of magic and community, perfect for welcoming the summer season.

  • Spanish Film Festival:

Since 1998, this festival has been more successful every year, presenting short films, feature films and documentaries. This festival takes place in March each year and they tribute awards to artists, actors and singers. 

  • Holy Week:

One of the most heartfelt events of a religious, cultural and social nature in Málaga is undoubtedly the week in which the last moments of Jesus’ life are celebrated: Holy Week. The uniqueness of this event is the way the thrones that criss-cross the city are decorated with flowers and typical ornaments, but above all  The most important participation is by Nazarenes, musicians, followers and military corps. It lasts from ‘Palm Sunday’ to ‘Easter Sunday’, during the week there are several processions accompanied by incense and a unique charm. 

  • Three Wise Men parada:

This event consists of a special parade involving people of all ages; a few days earlier ‘El emisario’ and ‘El cartero real’ accept letters from children in the Constitution Square on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of January. On the 5th, the Three Kings parade through the main streets and distribute presents, accompanied by a shower of candy.

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